Best answer: How much does a Honda electric car cost?

How Much Does the Honda Clarity Cost? The Clarity plug-in hybrid has a base MSRP of $33,400. Though that’s above average for the hybrid and electric car class, be aware that you may qualify for a federal tax credit, which would ultimately lower the car’s price.

What is the cost of a Honda electric car?

Oh, Yes, the Honda e Drives Very Nicely

2020 Honda e Electric Car Specifications
PRICE $38,534-$41,781*
LAYOUT Rear-motor, RWD, 4-pass, 2-door hatchback
MOTOR 134-152-hp/232-lb-ft DC permanent-magnet electric
TRANSMISSION 1-speed auto

Can you buy a Honda e in the USA?

Since the Honda e is Honda’s only production EV right now, that means American Honda fans are out of luck for now. That said, Honda fans in the U.S. will have a chance to buy a Honda EV soon enough. That’s because Honda plans to produce two new EVs in 2024.

Does Honda produce an electric car?

Although GM will build Honda’s first two electric vehicles for North America, the automaker plans to change course and manufacture its own later this decade. Honda is developing its own EV architecture, and after two GM-made EVs go on sale in 2024, Honda will start building its own.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

If electricity costs $0.13 per kWh and the vehicle consumes 33 kWh to travel 100 miles, the cost per mile is about $0.04. If electricity costs $0.13 per kilowatt-hour, charging an EV with a 200-mile range (assuming a fully depleted 66 kWh battery) will cost about $9 to reach a full charge.

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What Year Will all vehicles be electric?

Details will be released as its production date draws closer. The company has committed to all its new vehicles being purely electric starting from 2025 with fuel-cell EVs and battery EVs, with the goal of being a 100 percent zero-emission vehicle brand by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2035.

How long do electric car batteries last?

Replacing an electric car battery

On average, electric car batteries last around 10 years, with some lasting up to 20 years, so you shouldn’t be concerned about replacing the battery before you’ve even bought a new car.