Question: What’s the best way to ship a transmission?

The best way to ship a transmission is by less-than-truckload (LTL) freight. LTL freight is a method of shipping that consolidates various shipments going to the same place into one trailer. You are essentially sharing space with other people to create a full truckload.

What’s the cheapest way to ship a transmission?

UPS typically has the best rates, but if you have a business or freight account, it will almost always be cheapest to ship it through that. Securely strapped to a pallet, and wrapped in plastic. Wrapping in a shipping blanket first has never hurt a transmission either, but it has certainly saved a few.

How do you ship a transmission package?

Use double wall cardboard or a shipping blanket to wrap the exterior of that transmission. Use shrink wrap to secure the entire unit and keep any potential mess from leaking. Measure the height width and depth of your shipment. Get an accurate weight of the total shipment )including packaging).

How do you ship a transmission on a pallet?

If you’re shipping on a pallet, make sure the transmission is centered to avoid any shifting. Secure it in place using bands, then wrap it in double-walled cardboard, and finish it with shrink wrap. Like an engine, the transmission must be fully concealed.

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How do you ship an engine and transmission?

It can be crated, but typically also requires palletizing during the shipping process:

  1. Place the cleaned and drained transmission, crated or uncrated, in the center of the pallet.
  2. Secure it in place using ratchet straps.
  3. Cover the transmission in double-walled cardboard.

How much does UPS charge to ship a transmission?

The average price to ship a transmission is around $300.

How long does it take a transmission to ship?

A: Typical shipping time usually takes between 7-14 business days, but could be a little longer due to unusual circumstances (such as weather, volume, etc…)

How do you ship a transmission core?

All cores have a $200 shipping fee that is non-refundable.

Information for pick up:

  1. Drain transmission and torque converter as much as possible.
  2. Strap down the core to a pallet or crate.
  3. Remove any external parts. …
  4. Once your transmission is scheduled for shipment, please print out three copies of the bill of lading.

What is freight class 85 description?

Class 85 (12-13.5 pounds per cubic foot) – Automobiles engines, cast iron stoves, crated machinery. Class 92.5 (10.5-12 pounds per cubic foot) – Computers, monitors, refrigerators, ice machines. Class 100 (9-10.5 pounds per cubic foot) – Calculators, wine cases, canvas, furniture.

How much does FedEx shipping cost?

Estimated FedEx One Rate prices by package type and delivery time

Delivery commitment5 3rd day by 4:30 p.m.6 2nd day by 10:30 a.m.
FedEx® Small Box $9.95 $29.30
FedEx® Medium Box $12.95 $29.95
FedEx® Large Box $20.00 $31.15
FedEx® Extra Large Box $32.35 $36.60
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Can you ship transmission fluid?

It is permitted only in domestic mail via surface transportation provided the fluid can qualify as a consumer commodity material or ORM-D, and is sent within the quantity limitations and packaging requirements stated in 343.21.

How do I ship heavy auto parts?

Wrap non-decorative wheels in adequately taped clear plastic liner. Pack flexplates and flywheels with adequate packing materials such as loosefill peanuts to fill empty spaces in double or triple-wall corrugated boxes, depending on the weight of the part. Apply “heavy” stickers to boxes exceeding 75 lbs.