What defines a passenger vehicle?

passenger vehicle means any motor vehicle used for carrying passengers which is capable of carrying eight or more such passengers or persons in addition to the driver.

What qualifies as a passenger vehicle?

Public vehicles are defined as any vehicle that carries passengers for hire or reward, and includes buses, taxis, hire cars and tourist vehicles. This section provides statistics related to public passenger vehicles, including: Taxi plates and point to point drivers.

What cars are considered passenger cars?

The definition of a passenger car is a motor vehicle designed to carry multiple passengers on highways and streets. This can include some pickup trucks, compact cars, and minivans. It doesn’t include motorcycles, ambulances, or vehicles that are above a specific weight limit.

Is SUV a passenger vehicle?

Passenger vehicles are defined as motor vehicles weighing less than 10,000 pounds and include passenger cars and light trucks (SUVs, pickup trucks, vans, and other light trucks).

What is the difference between passenger truck and passenger automobile?

The distinction between “passenger truck” and “passenger automobile” shall be that of common usage: Provided, That a motor vehicle registered for more than nine passengers shall be classified as “truck”: And Provided, further, That a “truck with seating compartments at the back not used for hire shall be registered …

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Is a personal car a passenger vehicle?

Definitions Under the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

Under the regulations, a passenger car is defined as a motor vehicle, other than a motorcycle, multipurpose passenger vehicle, or trailer, that is designed to carry up to 10 people.

What’s a four door car?

A 4-door car can have any body shape from a sedan to a van, or even a pickup truck. These cars usually have two rows of seats and a lot of room for passengers. Classic 4-door sedans feature trunks located in the rear that provide room for groceries, camping items, or anything else you want to bring along.

Is a pick up truck considered a passenger vehicle?

Since a pickup truck’s body design normally does not have more than 50% of its total area exclusive of the engine compartment enclosed for designated seating positions, it cannot be considered a passenger motor vehicle under this definition even if it is used only for private transportation purposes.

What is a multi purpose passenger vehicle?

The term “multipurpose passenger vehicle” means a motor vehicle with motive power (except a trailer), designed to carry not more than 10 individuals, that is constructed either on a truck chassis or with special features for occasional off-road operation.

Why is it called SUV?

The SUV acronym stands for Sports Utility Vehicle. Commonly dubbed as a ‘Jeep’ or Four-by-four, SUVs are characterised by their large body size, raised ride height, and rugged looks.

What is a 7 seater car called?

If you need a car with seven seats, an MPV may seem like the only choice. But plenty of SUVs are also worth considering, especially if you won’t be carrying seven on a daily basis.

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