What engine is ST170?

Zetec RS
Engine 1989cc 1998cc, turbocharged
Max power (bhp @ rpm) 128 @ 5750 212 @ 5500
Max torque (lb ft @ rpm) 128 @ 3750 229 @ 3500
Weight 1223kg 1278kg

Is a ST170 a turbo?

Re: Focus ST170 Engine Turbo or Throttle Bodies? yup either leave the st lump as standard or turbo it for more power.

Is Zetec a good engine?

The Zetec engine is very reliable; with normal care, it will probably take you to 200K miles and beyond. The problem is that it’s installed in a Focus.

Is Titanium better than Zetec?

The Ford Focus Titanium offers a much higher spec and more features than the Ford Focus Zetec and this is reflected in the initial purchase price. Both the Ford Focus Zetec and Ford Focus Titanium are excellent options if you’re looking for a spacious hatchback with smooth performance and excellent styling.

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