What is a 7 4 L engine?

How big is a 7.4 engine?

The 7.4L (454 cubic-inch) V8 was a big-block engine manufactured by the Chevrolet Division of General Motors starting in 1970. It was the second-largest Chevy production engine after the 8.2L, or 502 cubic-inch motor.

What does a 454 engine mean?

The Chevrolet 454-cubic-inch, or 7.4-liter, V-8 engine was a brawny gas-guzzling powerplant that should have died an ignoble death after the 1973 fuel crisis. … In its various configurations, it was used for everything from performance cars to trucks, and as a marine and industrial engine.

Is the 7.4 Vortec a good engine?

The 1996-2000 L29 7.4L big blocks are great engines. Much more dependable and durable than the 6.5L diesel of that era. L29’s had multiport sequential fuel injection, all of the latest sealing technology to prevent oil leaks and the “Vortec” style heads flowed very well.

How much HP is 454?

Surprisingly, the 454 laid down an impressive 330 horsepower and 475 pound-feet of torque. Naturally, the truck-based 454s were tuned for torque, so having nearly 500 pound-feet wasn’t a big surprise. But like any stock engine, there was tons of power left to be squeezed out.

How many miles per gallon does a 454 get?

The 454 is a big-block carbureted engine found in most older model Chevrolet cars and trucks. The engine uses eight cylinders to provide high-end torque and speeds. The combination of larger bore and eight cylinders equates to very poor gas mileage. The engine runs an average of 10 to 15 mpg.

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What is the difference between 427 and 454?

396 and 427 have the same stroke, 454 has a longer stroke. To compensate for the longer stroke in the 454 – using the same length rod – they had to move the wrist pin higher on the piston. If they had’nt done this, the piston would be sticking out the bore above the decks of the block at the top of the stroke.