What is the little square on the back bumper?

Here is the answer, the little covers hides a weld-nut, which is part of the bumper beam. This weld-nut is to provide a provision for a tow eye. The tow eye will be provided by the car manufacturer with the car jack kit. … The modern day cars have tow hooks on both the front and rear bumper.

What is the square on car bumpers?

That is used if your car needs to be towed. It can be used for two things. (1) You can remove the small square and install a machine gun behind it or (2) a tow truck driver can remove it an install a eye-bolt that can be used to pull the vehicle without doing damage to the bumper. I can just see a tow truck doing that.

What is the hole in the back bumper for?

It’s for a tow ball. Most people just buy a frame-mounted hitch, since it’s much stronger than the bumper.

What is the black thing under the bumper?

It’s an Air Dam. Course in your case it might be called an air damn!

What are bumper cutouts?

Not every car offers enough room for the installation of a towbar. This is achieved by cutting away a piece of the bumper. … This could be a notch in the bottom or the middle of your bumper.

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Why do people take their bumper off?

Intercooler is too big and simply can’t fit the bumper on until it’s cut to fit or he buys a new one. The car is extremely lowered (slammed) and has no airbag suspension to lift the car to drive (i.e. Static). Therefore the bumper might be damaged by a simple pebble let alone he come across a pot hole or a speed bump.

Why do some cars have holes?

Car wheels have holes mostly due to weight and cost considerations. Each hole is a chunk of material that you aren’t wasting and weighing down the wheel with. As another bonus, the holes help with cooling the brakes by allowing airflow between the inside and outside.

Why bull guards are banned?

Bull bars and crash guards have been banned under Section 52 of the Motor Vehicles Act. They may also affect effective functioning of sensors of air bags meant for protecting passengers. They cause severe damage to the chassis of other vehicles, in case of a collision, and thereby increase the chances of fatalities.

What is the plastic part under the rear bumper called?

A bumper valance, also known as an air dam or rear spoiler, is a panel located below the bumper, usually installed for decorative or aerodynamic purposes.

What is the plastic called under a car?

The engine splash shield is a plastic or metal protective panel installed on the underside of a vehicle engine. It goes by many other names including engine splash guard, skid plate, underbody cover, and lower engine cover.

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What is the black plastic under the front bumper called?

On convertibles, it’s a metal skid plate. On coupes, it’s a plastic splash shield.