Why do designers prefer to use plastic instead of steel for certain parts of cars give four reasons?

Why is plastic used to replace metals in cars?

Eliminates the need to weld, grind, add dents/scratch resistance aspects and/or noise dampening to the material2. Plastics significantly reduce the weight of materials as compared to when metals are used, thereby reducing shipping costs and improving the end-user’s physical ease when utilizing the product.

Why the vehicle manufacturers are using more plastic based products?

Here are four reasons why plastic is used in car manufacturing: Plastics reduce the weight of cars. … Plastics help to lower car manufacturing costs. Polymers advance the design of vehicles.

Why is plastic used in so many parts of a car?

Plastics are a very appealing material for automobiles because their use leads to greater fuel efficiency: It has been determined that every 10 percent drop in vehicle weight equals a 5 percent to 7 percent decrease in fuel usage.

Are car bodies made of plastic?

About 50% of new cars produced today consist of plastic materials, mostly contained in the interior. Things like your dashboard, gauges, door handles, seat belts and air bags all come from plastic, but an increasing number of manufacturers, most notably Chrysler, are starting to include plastic in the body.

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Are metal or plastic cars better?

It is easier to design with plastic than with heavy metals. … Besides low costs, plastics in cars have contributed to more energy efficiency, lower CO2 emission, corrosion resistance, design flexibility, durability, and better performance. Main Concern: Clearly, plastic’s benefits outweigh metal.

How much plastic is in a car?

Assuming that an average car weighs 1,300 kg and that plastics content represents 12-15% of its mass (50% of car volume), this amounts to 150-200 kg of plastic per vehicle4, and this is expected to increase in the coming years due to a growing demand from the market for high-performance, lightweight and fuel-efficient, …

What is the main reason for using plastic in modern cars?

The reason for this is clear: plastics are extraordinarily versatile. No other material so light in weight has properties similar to those of plastics. Lightweight, resistant to corrosion and fatigue, easy to handle and shape, and safe, plastics offer every advantage.

Why does BMW use plastic?

You see this in all manufacturing, not just BMW or even just cars. Makers use plastic because it’s cheaper and easier to manufacture parts than with metal (no foundry needed).