Why is the damage to the bug so much greater than the damage to the car?

The mass of the bug is less so therefore the acceleration of the bug (change in direction and speed) is greater for the bug than your car.

Which is greater the force of the bug or the windshield?

Forces between two colliding objects

It doesn’t matter if one car is heavier (more massive) than the other. The push force from one car will equal the push force from the other. … The force of the bug on the windshield is equal to the force of the windshield on the bug, only in the opposite direction.

When a bug hits the windshield of a moving car the bug experiences a greater force?

1 Expert Answer The total momentum of the system bug-car stays the same during the collision, so the change in the car’s momentum is equal and opposite to the change in the bug’s momentum.

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When a bug hits a car windshield the force applied by the bug is the same as the car Why then does the bug smash into it?

Newton’s 2nd law of motion:

Since the collision time duration is very small while the momentum change of the bug is very big, the force is very very large on the bug. The poor bug’s body simply cannot withstand that force and splats. Of course, the exact same force is exerted on the car from Newton’s 3rd law.

When a bug hits the windshield of a moving car Why does the bug get squished while the car suffers no significant damage?

When a bug hits the windshield of a moving car, why does the bug get “squished” while the car suffers no significant damage? The windshield exerts a force of 1N on the bug and the direction that the car is moving.

Why does your car not get smashed on the freeway like the bugs on your window do?

The smallest flying insects are not going to hit a windshield if they are impacted by the laminar airflow on a car only going 30 miles per hour, as opposed to 60 miles per hour. … Most flying insects tend to fly anywhere from two to five feet above the ground.

When a bug collides with a car’s windshield the change in momentum of the bug is?

The changes in momentum of the bug and of the car windshield are the same magnitude. (#49) What difference in recoil would you expect in firing a solid ball versus firing a hollow ball from the same cannon if both leave the cannon with the same velocity?

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Which of Newton’s laws accounts for more injuries in car crashes?

The law of inertia is most commonly experienced when riding in cars and trucks. In fact, the tendency of moving objects to continue in motion is a common cause of a variety of transportation injuries – of both small and large magnitudes.

At what speed do bugs splatter?

Studies have shown that at speeds of less than 35 mph bugs will blow pass your car, and survive. At speeds greater than 35 mph they splatter.

Why does the bug get squished?

In some way or another, a hard surface is pressed against the bug who is on a different surface; the force applied cracks the exoskeleton, exposing the internal organs to rupture and damage.

Does the bug’s mass effect what happens when the bug and car collide?

According to the above law, For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, when an insect and a car will collide with each other, both will experience the same force. Force = Mass × Acceleration. Now, the car obviously, will have more mass than an insect.