Frequent question: What is the best diesel transmission?

Is Allison Transmission the best?

However, among truck enthusiasts, Allison is best known for its venerable 1000 transmission. While there’s nothing overly exceptional about an Allison 1000 transmission, the gearbox has a longstanding reputation for reliability and continuous improvement.

Which transmission is better Allison or Aisin?

Allison 1000 (Chevrolet and GMC)

If you want to get down to brass tacks, the Aisin is heavier but more economical based on the numbers, and also delivers more pulling power to get the truck moving.

Is the Aisin transmission better than 68RFE?

The 68RFE is not nearly as robust as the Aisin in any way, shape, or form. They are two totally different transmissions. … The difference is the Aisin has a much deeper First (3.75:1) and Second (2.0:1) to maximize the 6.7L’s torque delivery for more low-end pulling power.

Are Aisin transmissions good?

The Aisin transmission may not be as reliable as everyone believes. RevMax, a reputable transmission rebuilder, had this to say about the Aisin, ” It was build with extremely low quality internal parts and its capacity to handle increased power in stock form is extremely low.

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How much HP can a Allison 1000 handle?

As you’ve probably deduced up to this point, the stock Allison will handle roughly 350 to 400-rwhp in five-speed form and 425 to 450-rwhp in six-speed trim. However, if you push things past that point the clutches will eventually slip and bring on the Allison’s notorious “limp mode” condition (i.e. limp home mode).

What is the best year for Duramax?

Any generation duramax will pull a 3 horse trailer handily. They all have their own quirks and issues that can be resolved, and once they are, you’ve got a reliable, strong truck for many miles. Most will say the 06-07 LBZ model to be the most desirable and reliable platform.

Is Ram switching to Allison?

2021 RAM 3500 Is Switching to Allison Transmission – New Best Trucks [2021-2022]

What companies use Aisin transmission?

Aisin AW supplies automatic transmissions to 55 automotive manufacturers around the world, virtually every major OEM. These include General Motors, Ford, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Saab, VW, Volvo, Hyundai, MINI among others.

How much HP can a 68RFE handle?

This kit re-works the valvebody and TCM to where the 68RFE can live at 500 to 550 hp, but any more than that and the truck owner will have to start delving deep into the transmission. As of press time, there are 68RFEs that are handling nearly 1,000 hp, but we can tell you they’re not cheap to buy—or build.

How long does Aisin transmission last?

Anywhere between 1 mile and 1 million miles is a safe bet. There are so many factors….it’s just not possible to name an expected service life.

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Can you tune a Aisin transmission?

You can tune/delete, but no trans tuning. From everything I read, it responds to the tuning well, up to 90/100+ HP, but beyond that you should go w/ 68RFE.