How do I identify my transmission?

Open the driver’s side door and find the white card on the side of the door that is filled with small black lettering. This card contains specific details about the year the car was made, its transmission, engine specifications and other details. Underneath or beside the “TR” symbol will be a number code.

How do I know what transmission I have by Vin?

Looking Up The 17-Digit Vehicle Identification Number

  1. Using The Year/Make/Model Tool To Check The Type Of Transmission.
  2. Referring To The Owner’s Manual Of The Vehicle.
  3. Checking The White Card That Is On The Door On The Side Of The Driver.
  4. Checking Beneath The Hood/ Or Even On The Transmission Oil Pan.

How do I identify an old Chevy transmission?

Automatic transmission on a Chevy can be identified in one of two ways: You can look at the size of the pan on the transmission or you can search for the identification number that has been stamped somewhere on the casing. To undertake either method will require you to look under the vehicle.

What do the numbers on a transmission mean?

Most automatic transmissions also allow you to select one or more positions past the PRND options. … Rather, each number simply represented the highest gear to which the transmission would shift automatically with the lever in that position.

What does the 8th digit in a Ford VIN number mean?

Ford commercial trucks have distinct characters for the eighth digit, which varies according to manufacturer. … It is a good idea to verify that the commercial truck is not a Caterpillar or Cummins engine before identifying the engine based upon the commercial truck codes.

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