How much fuel does a twin engine boat use?

However, if you have a twin engine 40 foot sportfisher, you will only go about 33 miles at 40 knots. If you wanted to travel 300 miles, you’d need 450 gallons of fuel! Diesel engines consume about 1 gallon per hour for every 18 hp used. Some simple math can estimate the number of gallons consumed per hour.

How much fuel does a boat use per hour?

Many small, personal watercraft boats tend to use 3-8 gallons of gas per hour at cruising speeds, while faster boats like speed and motorboats can use 20-30 gallons an hour. Depending on the weight, size, and style of your boat, you will use within this very large range.

Do twin engine boats use more fuel?

Fuel consumption, top end performance, and low-end performance. … For example, at 30mph, the twin version will use about 25-30% more fuel than does the single. At lower speeds, the percentage difference lowers somewhat. At higher speed, it slightly increases but not much.

How much gas does a 40 foot boat use?

At 40 knots, the same amount of fuel will only bring a twin-engine 40 foot sportfisher about 33 miles. At that speed, this boat will need 450 gallons of fuel to travel 300 miles. Planing hulls need significantly more power than displacement hulls and consume significantly more fuel per mile.

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How much fuel does a motor boat use?

A small outboard, particularly modern 4 strokes, at a river speed of around 5mph will often take longer than 2½ hours to consume a gallon (5 litres) of petrol. A craft with larger twin petrol engines might only run for half an hour on a gallon of petrol with both engines running.

What is a good cruising speed for a boat?

The average cruise ship cruising speed is about 20 knots per hour. A knot is a form of measurement that equals one nautical mile. A nautical mile is a bit longer than a statute, or land-measured mile. One knot is the same as 1.15 statute miles.

How much fuel does a 250 hp outboard use?

To determine an average fuel usage at gallons per hour (gph), divide horsepower by 10. Therefore, a boater with a four-stroke, 250-hp marine outboard engine running at full throttle, or about 6,100 rpm, is using 25 gph.

Can I run my twin engine boat on one engine?

One strategy that offers interesting possibilities is to run just one engine, but allow the second propeller to freewheel as the boat moves through the water. … Some Twin Disc and Caterpillar transmissions are built to freewheel, but you need to check your transmission to see if this is possible with your equipment.

Why are boats so fuel inefficient?

Why do boats burn so much gas? The main reason why boats will always burn more gas than cars is they run on water. Aerodynamics, wind resistance, waves, and drag affect the fuel consumption of a boat. Basically, a boat needs to use more fuel to cover the same distance a car will cover.

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How many miles per gallon does a boat get?

Key Takeaways. A standard boat gets around 3 mpg (miles per gallon) at MAX RPMs on average. However, the mileage can vary from as small as 0.5 mpg or less to as high as 8 mpg or more depending on the weather condition, boat’s weight, boat’s condition, RPMs, and most importantly, the boat’s engine type, etc.

How much does it cost for fuel for a boat?

Using $3.25 per gallon for marine gas, that comes out to $325 for each excursion. That translates into $1,300 a month. Perhaps your boating season is four months. That brings your annual fuel cost to $5,200.