Quick Answer: Is endurance better than car Shield?

Endurance offers superior coverage at a lower cost than CarShield. For many customers, an Endurance contract may be a better choice, especially given that Endurance warranty reviews are better, and Endurance offers more expansive benefits. AutoGuide reviewed the top car warranty companies to find the best.

Does CarShield have a good rating?

CarShield Reviews & Ratings

The company currently holds a 4.1-star rating on Google with more than 6,000 reviews. It also received 4.0 stars on Trustpilot with over 16,000 customer ratings.

What is the best auto protection plan?

Top Reputable Extended Car Warranty Companies

Warranty Provider Our Award Motor1 Rating
1. Endurance Best Coverage ★★★★★
2. CARCHEX Best For Used Cars ★★★★½
3. Protect My Car Best Maintenance Benefits ★★★★½
4. Autopom! Best Claims Process ★★★★½

What are the cons of CarShield?

Cons of Extended Car Warranties

  • Wear and tear.
  • Damage from lack of maintenance.
  • Scheduled maintenance items.
  • Cosmetic items.
  • Damage to covered parts caused by non-covered parts.

Is CarShield a hoax?

Is CarShield a scam? No, CarShield is not a scam. The extended warranty provider has been in business for 16 years, during which time it has covered over 1 million vehicles. … CarShield offers six warranty plans that range from comprehensive exclusionary coverage to a basic powertrain plan.

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Does Ice T really use CarShield?

Ice-T tells us in his frequently run commercial that he insures his cars through CarShield – he stands in front of numerous cars wanting us to believe they are his.

Does CarShield have a deductible?

Does CarShield Have a Deductible? Yes, most plans have a deductible, although the company also offers zero deductible plan options. … Instead of expensive repairs, with CarShield you’ll only have a $100 deductible, or 0$ if you have a no-deductible contract.

Does CarShield have a mileage limit?

Best High-Mileage Car Warranty for Personalization: CarShield. … For example, its coverage limit of 200,000 miles is more than most third-party warranty providers use for eligibility limits, meaning you can cover older vehicles.

Why is CarShield not allowed in California?

Because the rules in California are more strict than many other states, some companies have chosen not to offer their products in California. Those that do offer contracts often have special ones that are only sold in that state.

Does AAA offer extended auto warranties?

Avoid unexpected, costly repairs on your new or pre-owned vehicle with an extended warranty from AAA. Our cost-effective plan options extend coverage to virtually all mechanical and electrical components after your original warranty expires. AAA Vehicle Protection Program Warranties are competitively priced.

Why extended warranties are a waste of money?

Well, the worst thing about an extended warranty is that it is overpriced. In fact, about half of what you pay goes to the salesperson’s commission. So a lot of the money you hand over doesn’t even go toward the purpose of the warranty, which is to pay for things that go wrong with the car over the contract period.

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Who is the best car warranty company?

The Best Car Warranty Companies

Car Warranty Company Best For
1 Endurance Auto Warranty Great Coverage
2 CarChex Great Service
3 CarShield Great Reputation
4 Liberty Bell Auto Protect Great Broad Coverage