What are the two ways that you start a turbine engine?

Gas turbine aircraft engines such as turbojets, turboshafts and turbofans often use air/pneumatic starting, with the use of bleed air from built-in auxiliary power units (APUs) or external air compressors now seen as a common starting method. Often only one engine needs be started using the APU (or remote compressor).

How does a turbine jet engine start?

Gas turbine engines come in many shapes and sizes. The electric motor spins the main shaft until there is enough air blowing through the compressor and the combustion chamber to light the engine. … Fuel starts flowing and an igniter similar to a spark plug ignites the fuel.

What is the starting sequence of gas turbine engine?

The normal starting sequence is: Rotate the compressor with the starter; Turn the ignition on; and. Open the engine fuel valve, either by moving the throttle to idle or by moving a fuel shutoff lever or turning a switch.

Do airplanes have ignition keys?

Small planes (like the little Cessna in How Airplanes Work) have locks on the doors and ignition keys inside to start the engine. … Commercial jets, on the other hand, have no locks on the doors and no ignition key of any sort. You can hop in, flip a couple of switches and start one up!

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Why do you start engine 2 first?

Engine number 2 is started first because it’s on the opposite side of the air bridge. When starting with external air or power it is normal to start Engine number 1 because it is further away from the carts.

What RPM do jet engines run at?

For example, large jet engines operate around 10,000-25,000 rpm, while micro turbines spin as fast as 500,000 rpm. Mechanically, gas turbines can be considerably less complex than internal combustion piston engines.

What are the three types of inertia starters?

There are three inertia starters that include hand, electric, and combination of the two. Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its velocity.

What is the role and importance of the starter in starting a turbine engine?

Usually the starter (also the generator) drives the HP turbine/compressor assembly (N2) to a sufficiently high RPM and airflow so that when fuel is added and ignited it will lite up and accelerate to idle RPM (around 55% N2) and is then self sustaining. … So keep your hand on the fuel control!

Which fuel type can be used in a gas turbine?

Explanation: Natural gases,petrol,diesel etc can be used as fuels in gas turbines. Gas turbines requires liquids with high specific heat as fuels. Explanation: Vanadium content must be low in the fuels used for gas turbines. Excessive vanadium content in the fuel leads to decrease in the specific heat of the fuel.