Frequent question: What can be affected when overloading your vehicle?

When you overload a vehicle it puts tons of strain on it. The tires can wear out quickly as well as overheat. This leads to expensive tire failure and the possibility of a dangerous blowout. Extra strain means the engine is also working harder to make the vehicle move.

What can be badly affected when overloading a vehicle?

Explanation: Any load will have an effect on the handling of your vehicle and this becomes worse as you increase the load. Any change in the centre of gravity or weight the vehicle is carrying will affect its braking and handling on bends.

What happens if you overload your vehicle?

What will happen if I overload my vehicle? An overloaded vehicle will not only cause damage to roads and to your vehicle but will also put your drivers and other road users at risk. Overloading a vehicle: Makes the vehicle less stable, difficult to steer and take longer to stop.

What would be affected when carrying a heavy load?

Attempting to carry a load that’s too heavy to lift by manpower alone puts a terrible strain on your body, which can lead to painful muscle sprains and tears. You could also end up with a slipped disc or a hernia.

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What will affect your vehicle’s stopping distance?

Explanation: Having tyres correctly inflated and in good condition will ensure they have maximum grip on the road; how well your tyres grip the road has a significant effect on your car’s stopping distance.

When your vehicle is stationary when May you use the horn?

Explanation: When your vehicle is stationary, only sound the horn if you think there’s a risk of danger from another road user. Don’t use it just to attract someone’s attention. This causes unnecessary noise and could be misleading.

How do you know if your car is overloaded?

A car is deemed to be overloaded if its weight exceeds its official Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). The same penalty applies if a car without two wing mirrors is carrying items that block the view out of the rear window.

Can too much weight damage your car?

Just like carrying extra weight around the midsection is bad for human health, hauling too much weight in your car is bad for its suspension, braking and exhaust systems. According to, having too much weight in your car can put unnecessary stress on some of its critical systems, leading to premature wear.

What driving technique saves fuel?

Fuel consumption can be greatly reduced by accelerating the car gradually and by changing the gear very smoothly. By anticipating the stops, you can avoid applying sudden brakes. This can also be done by taking a long view of the road and coasting safely to where you see the traffic stopped.

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