Frequent question: Why the hysteresis motor is suitable for sound recording instrument?

The noise level of the hysteresis motor is very low as compared to the induction motor because it operates at a constant speed and its rotor is smooth. This type of motor is smoothest running, quietest single phase motor and is used for quality sound reproduction equipment like record players, tape recorders, etc.

Why is hysteresis motor free from mechanical and magnetic vibrations?

Hysteresis motor: … The rotor of the motor is made up of a magnetically smooth chrome steel cylinder and it has no winding. It has high retentivity and because of this, it is very difficult to change the magnetic polarities once they are caused by the revolving flux of the rotor.

What is hysteresis effect?

The magnetization of ferromagnetic substances due to a varying magnetic field lags behind the field. This effect is called hysteresis, and the term is used to describe any system in whose response depends not only on its current state, but also upon its past history.

What is the principle of reluctance motor?

Reluctance motors operate on the principle that forces are established that tend to cause iron poles carrying a magnetic flux to align with each. One form of reluctance motor is shown in cross section in the figure.

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Which motor is used in electric shaver?

Universal motor.

Which motor is free from mechanical and magnetic vibrations?

Shaded pole motor.

Which motor is suitable for timing and control purpose?

Reluctance motors can deliver very high-power density at low cost, making them ideal for timing devices and control apparatus.