How can we obtain a speed greater than the full load speed in a DC shunt motor?

Is it possible to obtain the speed greater than the base speed of a DC shunt motor?

Explanation: Speeds greater than rated speeds can be obtained by lowering the flux of shunt field motor. Field cannot be made any stronger, it can only be weakened by this method. Thus, speed lower than the rated speed can’t be obtained. 7.

How speed of the DC shunt motor can be increased for a constant load?

The speed of a D.C. shunt motor can be increased by

Increasing the resistance in field circuit. Reducing the resistance in the field circuit.

Which method is best for speed control of DC shunt motor?

Armature Resistance Control Method for DC Shunt Motor

When the resistance value is gradually increased, the voltage across the armature decreases. This in turn leads to a decrease in the speed of the motor. This method achieves the speed of the motor below its normal range.

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What are the advantages of DC shunt motor?

Advantages of Dc shunt motor:

  • The power supply of the DC motor is any way cheap.
  • Shunt would motor able to runs at a predetermined speed.
  • The speed of a dc shunt motor is sufficiently constant.
  • Direct current machines can use for heavy industrial applications where the torque and speed wider range.

What is the minimum speed limit of DC shunt motor?

Two adjustable-speed dc shunt motors have maximum speeds of 1800 r/min and minimum speeds of 500 r/min. Speed adjustment is obtained by field-rheostat control.

Which motor is constant speed?

A DC motor can be referred to as a constant speed motor because it can self- regulate its speed.

What are the factors affecting the speed of a DC shunt motor?

Factors Affecting The Speed Of A D.C. Motor

  • The flux Φ
  • The voltage across the armature.
  • The applied voltage V.

Which motor has highest no load speed?

Explanation: At no load, armature current tends to zero, flux φ tends to zero, where speed is inversely proportional to the flux, speed will tend to infinity. Thus, no load speed of DC series motor is highest.

What will happen if excitation of DC shunt motor is changed?

If the excitation or field current is changed, the armature current changes, and back emf also will be changed accordingly and hence power will remain constant.

Which starter is used for DC shunt motor?

A four-point starter is used to overcome this difficulty. A 4 point starter is used to start and control the speed of a Dc shunt motor with field weakening control.

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