How do I know if I have a TorqShift transmission?

Look at your door jamb sticker and you can see which transmission you have.

What is a Torqshift transmission?

The TorqShift is a five-speed, rear-wheel-drive unit that actually has six forward speeds with ratios depending on whether the transmission is operating in hot or cold mode.. … For 2nd gear the overdrive clutch is applied to provide a ratio of 2.20. 3rd gear provides a ratio of 1.54, the same as the 4R100’s second gear.

How much transmission fluid does a 5r110w hold?

Remove the dipstick and add in the new LE 1150 Mercon or (“LE” 7500 Monolec Power Fluid for sever service and HD applications). The Mag-Hytec pan will hold 16 quarts of oil or 7.5 quarts of oil over a stock 4 x 4 pan, when the torque converter and cooler are both drained the total capacity is now about 24 quarts.

What transmission fluid does a 5r110w take?

Mark Kovalsky

MERCON V will KILL a 5R110. Why wouldn’t you use the right fluid? Use ONLY MERCON SP or MERCON LV if you want it to live.

Is a 10 speed transmission better than a 6 speed?

Compared with the 6-speed, the 10-speed delivers improved overall performance, with enhanced acceleration at the low and mid ranges of the power band. Features include optimized wide-span gear spacing coupled with drag-reduction actions plus three overdrive gears.

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What vehicles have the 5r110w transmission?

The 5R110 transmission is used extensively in such popular applications as the F250, F350, F450 & F550 Series trucks.

Which transmission is better Aisin or 68RFE?

The 68RFE is not nearly as robust as the Aisin in any way, shape, or form. They are two totally different transmissions. … The difference is the Aisin has a much deeper First (3.75:1) and Second (2.0:1) to maximize the 6.7L’s torque delivery for more low-end pulling power.

Is the Aisin transmission any good?

The Aisin transmission may not be as reliable as everyone believes. RevMax, a reputable transmission rebuilder, had this to say about the Aisin, ” It was build with extremely low quality internal parts and its capacity to handle increased power in stock form is extremely low.

Is the 6R140 a good transmission?

When Ford released the 6.7 L Powerstroke powerplant it also released the new much stronger 6R140 Torqshift transmission. The new Ford 6R140 Torqshift transmission is the most robust transmission Ford has yet to build. This unit was designed and manufactured exclusively by Ford Motor Company.

Is mercon SP A synthetic transmission fluid?

Yes it is synthetic!!

What is equivalent to mercon sp?

Ford SSM 21114 (November 26, 2009) indicates that Mercon Replace “SP” is to be replaced with Mercon LV on Torqshift transmissions from the 2003 through 2008 model years.

Can you mix mercon SP and LV?

Mixing of MERCON® LV and MERCON® SP in the 5R110 transmission is acceptable. Extensive testing has been performed to insure there are no functional or durability concerns with the use of MERCON® LV in the 5R110 automatic transmission.

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