How do you select a conveyor motor?

How do you select a motor for chain conveyor?

In order to size a gearmotor, we need to identify:

  1. Speed (N) – The speed required to drive the application per its specifications.
  2. TACCEL – The reflected acceleration torque.
  3. TFRICTION – The reflected friction torque.
  4. TBREAKAWAY – The reflected breakaway torque.
  5. TGRAVITY – The reflected gravity torque.

How do you calculate the horsepower of a conveyor motor?

Equation Nomenclature:

  1. FHP = F riction HP (HP required to drive. conveyor empty)
  2. DF = Conveyor Diameter Factor.
  3. HBF = Hanger Bearing Factor.
  4. L = Conveyor Length (feet)
  5. S = Conveyor Speed (RPM)
  6. MHP = Material HP (HP required to convey bulk material)

What controls a conveyor belt?

Nercon’s simplest conveyor systems move product from point A to point B with minimal turns and curves. Sensors like photos eyes, limit switches and proximity sensors are simple controls applications that stop and start products and maintain smooth production flow.

What are the parts of conveyor belt?

There are three main parts of a conveyor system: the belt support, the pulley and the drive unit. Each component plays an essential role in the conveyor unit’s operation. While all conveyor systems contain these parts, designs vary in the construction materials and where each component is located.

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How do you select a motor?

There are several characteristics that you need pay attention to when selecting a motor but voltage, current, torque, and velocity (RPM) are most important. Current is what powers the motor and too much current will damage the motor. For DC motors, operating and stall current are important.

How do you calculate chain pull?

The lift load for the elevation changes of the conveyor is equal to the total lift height (in feet) multiplied by the individual product weight (in pounds), then divided by the load spacing centers in feet. To determine the chain pull due to friction, multiply total moving load by selected friction factor.

Which DC motor has maximum self loading property?

Series motor. Shunt motor. Cumulatively compounded motor.

Which DC motor is preferred for constant speed?

Explanation: Rotary compressor generally demand constant speed operation throughout the load. Sometimes, DC machines are not able to produce constant speed throughout the process hence, synchronous machine is used. 4.