How fast does a 9 9 hp motor go?

Assuming this is a light 14′ utility boat and a standard 9.9, Mercury would recommend a 8.5 to 9.5 pitch prop for the OP’s application and predicts a top speed around 20 mph. In my experience with similar craft and outboards, this sounds very reasonable.

How fast will a 10 hp motor go?

10 HP Outboard: Speed & Runtime

Power (Watt) Speed (mph/kph) Run Time (hh:mm)
1000 5/8 9:00
2000 6.7/10.8 4:30
3000 8/13 3:00
4000 11.5/18.5 2:15

How many horsepower is a 9.9 hp outboard go?

Specs & Compare

Engine Type 2 cyl
Prop Shaft Horsepower 9.9hp @ 5500rpm
Full Throttle RPM Range 5000 ~ 6000
Alternator Output at W.O.T. 6
Compression Ratio 9.4:1

How fast does a 20 hp motor go?

prop. Recommended rpm for this motor is 5400 to 6100 rpm. I am getting 5000 to 5100 rpm. Top speed is 14 mph based on GPS.

How fast is a 60 hp boat motor?

16′ aluminum boats are popular and a 60-hp engine will typically propel them from 25 mph to 30 mph top speed, depending on load.

How fast will a 15 hp Mercury go?

Me and just the boat it will hit 32 mph on glass days. 2 guys and gear takes it down to about 20 to 22 mph.

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Why do they make 9.9 hp outboards?

Mercury’s new 9.9hp TwoStroke features loop charge combustion which delivers reliable performance and better fuel economy so owners can stay out longer and go further on every tank of fuel. Trips will also be more enjoyable, with through-prop exhaust reducing engine noise for a quieter boating experience.

Is 300 hp a lot?

Right between 200 and 300 horsepower is the sweet spot for many drivers. Be cautious with models that approach 300 horsepower, unless the vehicle is a heavy truck or another large model.

How fast is 700 horsepower in mph?

The 700 horsepower is enough to shoot the car to 60mph in just 3.4seconds.

How fast is 240 horsepower?

This means that if you keep your foot all the way down, using up all 240 hp, you can eventually go 150 mph.

How fast will a 50 hp outboard go?

With the new Honda 50 hp four stroke I find it will plane at about 17 or 18 mph. Top speed is 30 mph.