What are the basic requirements of internal combustion engine fuel?

The cycle includes four distinct processes: intake, compression, combustion and power stroke, and exhaust. Spark ignition gasoline and compression ignition diesel engines differ in how they supply and ignite the fuel.

What fuel is used in internal combustion engine?

Gasolines are the main fuel for spark-ignition internal combustion engines (Otto engines), diesel fuels are for compression ignition internal combustion engines (diesel engines), marine fuels are for shipping, and aviation turbine fuels (JET fuels) are used for aviation turbines.

What are the ideal requirements of SI engine fuel?

The best fuel economy is obtained with a 15:1 to 16:1 ratio, while maximum power output is achieved with a 12.5:1 to 13.5:1 ratio. A rich mixture in the order of 11:1 is required for idle heavy load, and high-speed conditions. A lean mixture is required for normal cruising and light load conditions.

What are the requirements of a fuel?

The engine fuel system must supply fuel to the engine’s fuel metering device under all conditions of ground and air operation. It must function properly at constantly changing altitudes and in any climate. The most common fuels are AVGAS for reciprocating engines and Jet A for turbine engines.

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What are the criteria for the selection of IC engine fuels?

composition of the fuel mixture; motor load; RPM; performance of the cooling system.

Another method to prevent detonation combustion is to use a mixture of water with the above mentioned alcohols.

  • 2.1. Fractional composition. …
  • 2.2. Vapor pressure. …
  • 2.3. Resistance to detonation combustion.

What is rich mixture?

A rich mixture is a fuel/air mixture containing an excessive proportion of fuel. … A rich mixture provides enough fuel to use up all of the oxygen in the cylinder. A rich mixture has too much gasoline and not enough air.

Why a rich mixture is required for maximum power?

Having excess air in the reaction leads to an increase in temperature at peak pressure, as air is mostly nitrogen and inert. Theoretically a perfect mixture produces peak power, in practice, a little extra fuel is used in the mixture to be rich, because rather a little extra fuel than air.

What are the main component of the fuel system?

The fuel system is made up of the fuel tank, pump, filter, and injectors or carburetor, and is responsible for delivering fuel to the engine as needed. Each component must perform flawlessly to achieve expected vehicle performance and reliability.

How is fuel quality determined?


  1. Cetane number is the most important and universally accepted ignition quality test. …
  2. Cetane index is a calculated value, which is derived from relatively easily measured fuel properties. …
  3. Ignition delay is measured using the more recent constant volume combustion chamber method.

Which of the following is an example of IC engine?

Internal-combustion engines are the most broadly applied and widely used power-generating devices currently in existence. Examples include gasoline engines, diesel engines, gas-turbine engines, and rocket-propulsion systems.

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