What are the requirements for a vehicle to pass inspection in Texas?

What will fail a car inspection in Texas?

If your vehicle has the “check engine” light, “service engine soon” light, or any other malfunction indicator lights on, it will immediately fail inspection. Texas requires that all problems must be fixed within a 15-day period and to have the inspection performed again (as to not incur any additional fees).

What do Texas car inspections check?

What to Expect During a Vehicle Inspection & Emissions Test

  • Horn.
  • Windshield wipers.
  • Mirrors.
  • Steering wheel.
  • Seat belts.
  • Brake system and parking brake (starting with vehicles made in 1960 to present)
  • Tires and wheel assembly.
  • Exhaust emission system (starting with vehicles made in 1968 to present)

Do you need a horn to pass inspection in Texas?

The state of Texas requires every car to be inspected once a year. There are 18 basic criteria, which includes brakes, lights, horns, mirrors, and seat belts .

Is Texas doing away with vehicle inspections?

The Texas Senate on Thursday gave its blessing to a bill that would eliminate the state’s vehicle safety inspection requirement for most vehicles. Under Senate Bill 1588 by state Sen. … “Vehicle inspections do not make our roads safer — it’s just a tax,” Huffines said during debate.

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Can you pass a car inspection with the check engine light on in Texas?

A full diagnostic is still necessary, as you cannot pass the Texas state inspection with a check engine light on, even if it is just for emission reasons.

How long does a car inspection take in Texas?

While the inspection is not too entirely exhaustive (the process usually completes in about 15 – 30 minutes), the inspector will test/examine the following: Horn. Windshield Wipers. Mirrors.

How much does a vehicle inspection cost in Texas?

The cost to have a passenger car, truck, or SUV inspected in Texas is $25.50. However, drivers do not pay this fee at the testing station. Instead, they submit it to the state when renewing their registration.

Does a 20 year old car need to be inspected in Texas?

They are grandfathered in to a state law that requires emissions testing for vehicles. … The Texas DPS website states the older vehicles “are still required to receive an annual safety inspection to meet the registration requirements.” The Department declined a request for interview on safety and emissions inspections.