What is the meaning of transmission media?

In data communication terminology, a transmission medium is a physical path between the transmitter and the receiver i.e it is the channel through which data is sent from one place to another.

What is transmission media example?

Describes the type of physical system used to carry a communication signal from one system to another. Examples of transmission media include twisted-pair cable, coaxial cable, and fiber optic cable.

What are the three types of wired transmission media?

Today there three types of wired media now, fiber-optic, coaxial, and twisted pair.

Which transmission media has the highest?

Explanation: Fiber optics is considered to have the highest transmission speed among the all mentioned above. The fiber optics transmission runs at 1000Mb/s. It is called as 1000Base-Lx whereas IEEE standard for it is 802.3z.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of transmission media?

Each transmission media has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of bandwidth, speed, delay, cost per bit, ease of installation and maintenance, etc.

What is data transmission and its types?

There are two methods used to transmit data between digital devices: serial transmission and parallel transmission. Serial data transmission sends data bits one after another over a single channel. Parallel data transmission sends multiple data bits at the same time over multiple channels.

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What is another term for transmission media?

Terms in this set (117) Which of the following is another term for transmission media? Communications channel.

How transmission media is divided into groups?

Transmission media can be divided into two broad categories : Guided and Unguided. Guided media, which are those that provide a conduit from one device to another, include twisted-pair cable, coaxial cable, and fiber-optic cable. … Guided Media is also known as Bound Media.

What type of transmission media are used in LAN?

LAN is a wired transmission hence can use wired transmission mediums only.

Detailed Solution.

Co-axial cable It is a type of wired medium for transmission.
Optical fiber It is a type of wired medium for transmission widely used in LAN