You asked: How much is a motor for a swamp cooler?

How much does a swamp cooler motor cost?

Swamp Cooler Motor Replacement

A motor replacement costs anywhere from $50 to $600. Larger, more specialized, systems require more expensive motors.

What size motor do I need for my swamp cooler?

Your cooler is rated at 4500 cfm, that would be a 1/2 horse motor. The same standard has applied for years with coolers. A 3,000 cfm cooler uses 1/3 HP, a 4,500 uses 1/3-1/2 and a 6500 cfm model uses 1/2 or 3/4 HP. If your total of new sqft is 1600, 4,500 cfm might get you by but it’s cutting it close.

How much does a cooler motor cost?

Questions & Answers on Cooler Motor

Phase Min Price Max Price
Single Phase Rs 390/Piece Rs 870/Piece
Three Phase Rs 500/Piece Rs 720/Piece

Which is cheaper swamp cooler or AC?

In general, swamp coolers do cost less to run that conventional central AC.

Does a swamp cooler use a lot of electricity?

Electricity. Swamp coolers use very little electricity. They only need enough energy to power the fan and a small pump. So they can almost always run on normal household currents.

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Can I put a bigger motor in my swamp cooler?

The motor pulley must be the same size and type recommended by cooler manufacturer. Do not use a larger pulley size. Recommended motor pulley sizes are: 1/3 HP Motor: 3¼” adjustable, or 2¼” to 2½” fixed with ½” bore.

Why is my swamp cooler motor overheating?

The motor in your swamp cooler is set to run at or below a specific voltage. If too much voltage is put to the motor, it can overheat. Too much voltage can cause damage to internal wiring and circuitry. Make sure that the proper voltage for the motor is what is being applied to avoid damage and overheating.

How can I speed up my swamp cooler?

Increase Your Swamp Cooler’s Efficiency in Four Simple Steps

  1. Open the Window. …
  2. Make Sure the Tank is Full and Pads are Wet. …
  3. Allow Cooler to Run Before Turning on Blower. …
  4. Clean the Cooler Regularly.

How do you lubricate a swamp cooler motor?

Open the caps on the top of the grease fittings and place three or four drops of 20-weight non-detergent SAE oil in the fittings to oil the bearings. Place the caps back on the grease fittings and put the cooler panels back on the cooler.

Which company cooler motor is best?

5 Best Cooler Motors

  • 30% off. Generic. DANY’S STORE Small Cooler Motor 18-22w 2200 RPM(multicolour) …
  • 11% off. Lovely Solar Fan. Lovely Solar Fan 12Volt – 24Watt DC Motor for Fans & Coolers. …
  • Lovely Solar Fan. Lovely Solar Fan 12Volt – 48Watt DC Motor for Fans & Coolers. 9.3 score. …
  • 22% off. Lovely Solar Fan. …
  • 42% off. FEDUS.
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Is cooler motor is waterproof?

As per the increasing and altering demands of our valued customers, we offer an innovatively developed Water Cooler Motor.

Water Cooler Motor.

Speed Three
Protection Feature Waterproof
Voltage 220 V